About Our Store

Welcome to Las Vegas Shirts, the original family-owned t-shirt shop you know and love, but with an all-new design. Here, we strive to provide you with an authentic, yet on-trend look. Our t-shirts will remind you of the memories you created while visiting Vegas, or will be the perfect gift for a loved one who can’t wait to visit the coolest city in the world.

Our clothing is solely inspired by Las Vegas, and only available at our store. You're sure to stand out in a crowd and create conversations by wearing a shirt that speaks on your behalf. Everyone loves Las Vegas, whether it's your first trip, 100th trip, or home.

Create an adventure in searching for the right design to fit your style or memories. After all, these shirts never go out of style; just like Las Vegas.

Wear your Vegas memories by buying today from Las Vegas Shirts ♠ ♦  ♥